If you're going out of your way to find inspiration on how to organize and style your bookcases and shelves, you probably have a slight obsession with #SHELFIES. That's cool, because we're completely digging them right now. Not an expert? You're about to be. Color code, stack and file your favorite books (spines facing out), add storage baskets, bins, document boxes, bookends, picture frames and a tchotcke or two to make your otherwise boring shelves look amazing.

 Deborah Shearer,  Deborah Loves

Deborah Shearer, Deborah Loves

Curate + Color Code: Shelfies are more than organizing and making things neat. Think of them as the opportunity to display your passions and personality. And, the good news? Giving up your collections is old school. Instead of scattering the things you've collected throughout the house, (like that great camera collection hidden in boxes or closed cabinets), put them on display, for you and others to enjoy. Include family photos and shop in your home for accessories. Spoiler alert: You're going to really get into this.

Stacks + Stacks: We're huge fans of the RoyGBiv color code system. Arrange and stack books laying them all one way as shown (think bottoms or backs meets shelf). Curating books by color creates a calming effect and especially on a freestanding industrial style shelf units.   

Color Precision: For the love of white (or any color), sticking to one, two or three colors create a neat, clean look and allows you to mix decorative objects of any color. We use white in the office A LOT,  but our Bigso Basix Collection comes in bunch of great colors and styles.

 Design:  Monika Hibbs  Photo: Jamie Lauren Photography

Design: Monika Hibbs Photo: Jamie Lauren Photography

Add Whimsy: Some rooms just need a pop of color and fun. Don't have built-ins exactly where you want or need them?  Crate the shelves of your dreams with Floating shelves. They're versatile and allow you to appreciate some of your favorite things on a daily basis whereever you spend a lot of your time.

Pops of Color: A room with a focal point is always interesting. Knowing that you want your home to be more than "interesting", add a pop of your favorite color and a few meaningful pieces that might strike up conversation with your next dinner party guests.

Kid Shelfies: Yep, there's such a thing. Give your kids the tools and lay the foundation for neatness. You'll be surprised at their reaction and willingness to pitch in when they feel like it's a place to call their own (age permitting). Include toy storage, keepsakes, jewelry, craft projects and encourage them to add to their neat little space.

THE Kitchen: Shelfies can live in other rooms, including the kitchen and let's not forget the garage. Group like items and colors together on industrial strength shelving as shown here, and use bins and baskets for the items that need to be contained. FYI, some of this type shelving holds up to 800lbs. and can double as a pantry or what we like to call "the Costco cabinet", where all back up stock is stored.

xx/allie + deb