Fold + File. Photo c/o:  Live Simply by Annie

Fold + File. Photo c/o: Live Simply by Annie

The time has come. We can start deciding which one of our favorite scarves we'll be wearing for the day or which wrap works best with our holiday LBD. Maybe not for those of us in California where it's still reaching 90 degree weather, but in some parts of the world scarf season has officially begun and will get to the rest of us soon.

 Image c/o:  In Honor of Design

Before your next scarf shopping spree, take time to weed out the old before ringing in any new and remember if you don't see it, you won't wear it. Make good choices on the best scarf storage based on what's right for you and the amount of storage space you have to work with. Read on for some interesting choices to help keep your scarves fashionably organized.

1. Drawer Storage - Fold + File: Folding scarves around cardboard and tucking each one into a drawer "file style" as shown above is an efficient and neat way to go, especially with larger scarves. Drawer storage is also an excellent way to keep control of your inventory. Allocate a drawer and limit the number of scarves you keep to that space. The same rule can actually apply to any of the other suggestions below.

2. Wall Storage: Use a wall rack, wall hooks or a towel bar. This option can easily work into a cool DIY. Get creative and organize by color, ROYGBIV style.

 Ladder Storage; Image c/o  Stylizimo

Ladder Storage; Image c/o Stylizimo

3. Over Door: Over-the-door hooks and racks are ready when you are and available in many, many colors and finishes.

4. Hanging: Scarf holder's are made in all shapes and sizes, with styles that range from over the closet rod, over the door, standing scarf holders, ladder storage (LOVE this!), wall storage and more. You'll find a look you love with this option

The bottom line is, keep scarves or any accessories so they are easy to find. Hope you're inspired.

xx/deb + allie