Photo c/o:  thooony  via instagram.

Photo c/o: thooony via instagram.

We all know that finding the perfect fitting jeans is no easy feat. When we find that perfect cut of denim it’s important to properly care for your jeans to preserve their color and elasticity or basically, so that they don't shrink, stretch or fade.

SIDE NOTE: If you’re more of a “jeans are meant to be worn and washed” kind of person, by all means carry on… just be sure to wash them with like colors and keep the water temperature cold to prevent fading and shrinkage. Same low-heat settings apply to the dryer, unless you’re going for the distressed look – then crank up the heat!

Hand washing denim is our preferred method of caring for our own jeans. Did you know that hot water will remove your denim’s dye over time? Yep, plain ole’ water. If you love your jeans (and we know you do), a little extra TLC is required but we promise, it’s worth it. To keep your jeans rich and saturated with color, we suggest you wash them as little as possible (2-3+ wearings) – and when you do, follow these steps:

  • Use a wash basin or sink and fill it with cold water and a teaspoon of delicate denim wash. We fancy The Laundress’s Denim Wash. It's made of a delicate mix of detergent, fabric softener and a color guard to keep jeans, shirts and jackets looking just the way you want them.
  • Turn your jeans inside out and submerge them into the water, letting them soak for about an hour. No scrubbing necessary, let them chill there for a while.
  • Remove and gently rinse with cold water to remove any detergent.
  • Hang jeans to dry. If your jeans are new, be sure to protect the floor below because the dye will inevitably drip.

SIDE NOTE #2: Once jeans are hung to dry, pull on the hems and inseams to retain the length and prevent any little shrinkage. Smooth them out using your hangs to reduce any wrinkles unless you’re going for the lived in look. If they’re a little stiff at first, do a couple of squats; it’s good for you.



It's cool until it stinks and when it does, you're no longer the cool guy or gal in town. The options are to turn your jeans inside out and hand wash them in Vinegar Wash or to put them in the freezer overnight. Personally, we prefer the wash over our jeans being next to our food, but totally up to you.


It's fine to use the same methods used for washing jeans to launder denim shirts and jackets. Denim jackets require less laundering and depending on the cost and care instructions of your shirts, dry cleaning may be your preference and the answer to longer lasting shirts and even, more wears.

One thing we know for sure is the most horrible thing for most jeans is putting them in the dryer and Francine Rabinovich, founder of the mail-in denim repair and reconstruction service Denim Therapy, agrees about the dangers of drying jeans. She also shares that many of the repair requests her company gets stem from dryer damage, because the heat from drying machines damages the cotton and weakens the fabric. 

The bottom line is, hand wash and hang to dry to keep your jeans and favorite denim lasting longer.

xx/allie + deb