photo credit:  kate spade new york

photo credit: kate spade new york

FACT: "Pretty desk accessories increase productivity". - kate spade new york. Since we know a thing or two about productivity, planning and pretty desks, we couldn't agree more. And this season, we're talking gold, marble and acrylic for the classiest desk in the office.

We have a true love for gray marble, so you can imagine how happy we were when it made it's way from the kitchen and bath to the office. And, leave it to russell + hazel to get right on board with just the perfect products.

Acrylic Collator + Bookend | Day to Night Leather Clutch | Marble iPhone 6 CaseAcrylic Phone Dock + Ruler

Acrylic desk accessories, leather clutch bags, marble iPhone cases and a crystal clear acrylic dock (doubles as a ruler) for your mobile phone, oh my. For us, shopping for new desk accessories is like shopping for our wardrobes. Well, almost. Let's put it this way. You know that feeling you get when you try on all the clothes you just bought as soon as you walk in the door? Yah, that feeling. That's how we feel when new products arrive.

How's this for a desk? We did a little searching and kinda fell in love with Bonnie Baktiari's office and the story behind building her brand, b is for bonnie design featured on Best Friends for Frosting. Bonnie is the founder, creator and designer of some of our favorite inspirational prints and desk accessories, who also kind of had us at hello the first time we laid eyes on her work. As an obviously fellow gold office and desk lover, we're sure you can see why.

kate spade new york keep it together gold stapler // kate spade new york make it stick tape dispenser // kate spade new york things to do letter tray

kate spade gold dot file folders // kate spade new york strike gold pens // kate spade new york gold stripe file folders // kate spade new york gold expletive paper clips.

Gold and white is the definitely on the office and desk runway this season and kate spade new york did not disappoint. From the savvy and chic agendas, gold pens and paper clips, we're pretty sure you could fill any gold lover's office dreams.

How about these office shelves? They're simple, perfect and one of the best examples  of just "Keep it Contained" in the office we've found. Book shelves using all the same color covered storage boxes and magazine files styled with your personal favorite pieces show off your personality and that's what it's all about.

Newness? Two of today's allie + deb favorite picks are the roast, blend, brew, press, froth, pour, sip thermal mug (allie, of course) and the dot your i's, cross your t's pencil case from kate spade ny (deb, obv). We're so predictable.

        photo via pinterest/ design chase r. 

       photo via pinterest/design chaser. 

We're throwing a little fresh mint desk accessories from Design Ideas because it's just so well, fresh.


As experts in desk accessories (we have tons!), we like to say, "give a girl gold desk accessories and watch her make the world go 'round".

xx/ allie + deb