Pinch us. Just pinch us, because we're in the September 2015 MAKEOVER ISSUE of Oprah Magazine and guess who's holding the cover? If these legs and feet look familiar, you guessed right, they belong to Adam Glassman, O's Creative Director and right hand man who reins over her magazine and certainly knows a thing or two about Oprah and Gayle's closets. This impeccably dressed, always in good taste and incredibly handsome guy not only knows how to sort "the good, bad and the ugly", but he also has great taste and ready for this?...a very well organized closet. Just our style.


"Some say Gayle King is a hoarder of shoes, bags and bling. Others say she's merely a woman showing respect to Mr. T". Either way, Adam Glassman is determined to cut through the clutter - "with a machete if necessary"! The article in this month's O Magazine shares their story of obsessive love, letting go and calling in the help of Professional Organizer extraordinaire, Jeffrey Phillip. Judging by the number of bags Adam is holding here, there's a lot of "stuff" going down.

THE INVENTORY IN GAYLE'S CLOSET: 123 clutches, 77 shoulder bags, 43 clutches Adam wants Gayle to let go of, "preferably over an active volcano", 29 shoulder bags Adam would like to see donated to charity, given to friends and family, or "set on fire". Number of times Gayle glares and explains her need for a vast array of yellow tote bags and demands a recount? "To infinity and beyond!"

Adam Glassman also knows what he likes when it comes to choosing the right "just-about-anything" to do the job and impress (ahem, Oprah's Favorite Things), so he and Jeffrey Phillip began the journey to the center of Gayle King's closet.

THE PROBLEM: Right off the bat, Jeffrey points out. "Gayle has to be out the door at 4:30 every morning. She needs to grab and go, so last time we put her bags in bookends to keep all her bags lined up on the shelves. He points to a ledge crammed with loads of clutches. "But now, with all these extras, whenever she grabs one, the rest tumble over." Sound familiar?

The REAL Dilemma: Adam is a man who believes closets should be filled with "everything one needs - no more, no less", while Gayle is holding onto pieces from seasons ago with Amex cards and 2013 Beyoncé concert tickets in zippered pockets. Do we see a conflict of interests here?

THE SOLUTION: Edit down to something "manageable".  Gayle and Adam go on to eliminate 56 bags, while Jeffrey changes things up and sorts the clutches by category (day or evening) and arranges them by color using our GLAMboxes acrylic, slotted and divided GLAMdivide clutch and handbag organizers. He used the GLAMdivide Luxe size for taller bags, keeping evening clutches up high and everyday pieces more accessible. Gayle's 1977 look bags? They're now history.

MOVING ON TO A KING AND HER BLING. And, there sure was enough of it. We loved the back and forth humor between Gayle and Adam and while they battled through the "keep or toss" mounds of jewels, Jeffrey organized Gayle's bracelets, cuffs, watches, rings necklaces and wide collection of baubles in our STAX Cosmetic Trays by type and color. Jeffrey mixed and matched the STAX pieces to create a custom fit in Gayle's drawers that we must say, worked like a charm. He also created must-see DIY Earring Racks that just about anyone can make. For the details and step-by-step, you'll just have to see page 135.

The moral of the story? Not all of us have handsome dudes like Adam Glassman or Jeffrey Phillip that are coming to our bag, bling and shoe rescue anytime soon, but we can make a SATC date with our BFF for some honest advice, a wardrobe pair down and a side of champagne. So, what are you waiting for? We know that number's on speed dial.

For the full story on Gayle King's closet makeover and loads of other great stories, pick up a copy of this month's O.

xx//allie + deb

Photographs by Renee Rodenkirchen of The Coveteur.