Topshop  Scalloped One-Piece . Photo courtesy of   1sillaparamibolso  .

Topshop Scalloped One-Piece. Photo courtesy of 1sillaparamibolso.

Summer is our season, so we couldn't be more excited that it's officially here or the fact that swimwear hasn't been this good since the 50's and 60's. Scallops (oh, how we love scallops), vintage styles, tassels, flattering fits and chic, glam designs showing off your curves are the trends of the season.


 c/o The Laundress.

c/o The Laundress.

So, now that you've found the perfect suit (hello, Melissa Odabash), what do you need to do to keep it forever?

HERE'S WHAT WE HEAR: After a few wearings and washings, my swimsuit colors have run or faded and it's stretched out. I paid so much money for it. How many times has this happened? The bad news: The price tag of your swimwear has nothing to do with how long it will last. The good news? Proper care is the solution.

HERE'S WHAT WE KNOW: Sunscreen, deodorant, and chlorine cause discoloration and yellowing and while you may not keep your favorite bathing suit forever, follow these washing, drying and storage tips and you'll preserve it for as long as humanly possible.

1. Always rinse your bathing suit with cool tap water as soon as you take it off after sunning or swimming. This reduces the effects of sunscreen, chemicals, such as chlorine, sweat and sand. These things accelerate damage to the fabric.

2. Handwash in a tub or wash bin. Hand washing is a Ten Commandment of swimwear care. Think of it as giving your bathing suit a bath.

3. Use gentle detergents made for swimwear. Harsh detergents fade colors and are harmful to fabrics. Pretty simple.

4. Don't twist or wring your swimwear. Once you breakdown the elastic of your swimwear, it will not re-cover, so take it easy.

5. Lay flat to dry. Hanging wet swimwear can cause your bathing suit to stretch.

6. Use a towel or blanket when you're sitting by the pool to avoid snags and catches in the fabric.



TOOLS: 1. The Laundress Wash & Stain Bar, 2. Wash Basin 3. Sport Detergent. Of course, we looked to our friends at The Laundress for the skinny and THE Recipe For Washing Swimwear. It goes like this:


Images c/o The Laundress.


STEP #1: Examine and pre-treat stains from tanners and oils with the Wash & Stain Bar, working it into the fabric, underwire, and straps.

STEP #2.  Prepare a bath of warm water and 1 capful of Sport Detergent and submerge your suit.

STEP 3: Hand wash by swishing the item around, agitating the water with your hand and soak for 30 minutes.

STEP #4: Rinse the suit well under the faucet while gently squeezing out water. Avoid ringing or twisting.

STEP #5: Lay flat to dry. To ensure your suit lasts more than just one season, steer clear of the dryer! The heat will reduce elasticity and damage the fabric. Avoid drying outside in direct sunlight to reduce fading.


If you don't have counter space for drying, no sweat. Stackable Sweater Dryer Racks do the trick and are great to have on hand for any hand-washables.


HOW TO STORE BATHING SUITS: Keep swimwear contained and dust free. Layer and stack them flat in a storage box or hang with clip hangers, which are perfect for strapless and one and two-piece suits. Be sure swimwear is dry before storing, unless you like the idea of mildew. We didn't think so.

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If you hang swimwear, use a hanging garment bag to keep suits clean. One garment bag holds multiple swimsuits. As any other seasonal clothing, store bathing suits and garments where the temperature is regulated. Your bedroom is going to be safer bet than a basement or garage where there is moisture. Short on space? Underbed storage always works.

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