c/o Murchison-Hume; photo by  Jessica Sample

c/o Murchison-Hume; photo by Jessica Sample

Some like it hot and some of us just like it clean. That would be us + our newest friends at Murchison-Hume, which is founded and run by some of the coolest people on the planet.

Murchison-Hume was created by former Fashion Editor and mother of two, Max Kater when her son developed allergic sensitivities to common household cleaning products. She made it her mission to create products that would be safe, easy to use, beautiful and effective. The incredibly talented witty, savvy and hilariously, you-can't-stop-laughing kind of funny Max Kater, did just that.

 c/o Murchison-Hume

c/o Murchison-Hume

How did we decide to offer the Murchison-Hume product range at The Organizing Store? Well first, they put the best products we ever did smell in front of us and honestly, we could barely get to the phone fast enough. Who could resist Australian White Grapefruit and Original Fig scents, gorgeous packaging that was developed out of the founder's passion for collecting silhouette portraits and Eco-friendly, plant-based formulas to clean your home? I mean.

 Max Kater at home. c/o Murchison-Hume

Max Kater at home. c/o Murchison-Hume

If all that jazz wasn't enough, just as we believe organizing isn't about buying more stuff for your stuff - but about living beautifully, our friends at Murchison-Hume believe in The Clean Manifesto, a different way of thinking about everyday life and living. I'm saving any elaboration on this subject until a chat + share with Max, but in a nut shell: "Like a trusted friend with a sharp wit and impeccable taste, we find beauty in everyday things and enjoy the simple pleasures of an ordered life and a well-run home: beds made, dishes done (and put away) and fresh flowers in the bathrooms", says Max Kater.


So, while we talking spring-cleaning, Murchison-Hume and The Organizing Store are talking cleaning and organizing at a higher-level. Pretty trays or bowls for keys, a great wall hook for your bag, a place to keep the mail and easy steps that can help you to be more organized, spend less time trying to find your keys in the morning and more time to enjoy and be with your family. Can you imagine no screaming before you send the kids off to school? You'll be guilt-free in no time.


You'll also be hearing more about Max Kater, but in the meantime, we'd like to welcome Murchison-Hume to the TOS family and invite you to shop our collection for cleaning counters, furniture, steel, glass, floors and even leather products at The Organizing Store. Oh and, this might also be a good time to treat yourself or a friend to a gift set. These sets make the perfect hostess gifts, especially for someone you know who might not splurge on themselves for finer cleaning products.

In celebration of the launch of Murchison-Hume at The Organizing Store, we've partnered with Murchison-Hume, Spectrum, and Design Ideas to bring you:

Score the hands down ultimate cleaning cupboard with beautifully packages, eco-friendly, non-toxic, smells so good you want to eat it products from Murchison-Hume & chic, shiny, seriously gotta have it copper storage from The Organizing Store. A $340 value in awesome goods. Enter to win!

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Good luck!

Ready to start your day? "Shoot for the moon, but being happy with the stars." A quote by our new friend, Max Kater.