| Photo credit:  Jochy Fersobe  |

| Photo credit: Jochy Fersobe |

So, you remember the Sex and the City episode when Carrie Bradshaw goes apartment hunting with her agent and the only one she can afford has a teeny tiny closet - right? She was like, where would my shoes go? The agent says would get one of those racks that you know, hang on the door and Carrie was like, ewwwwhhhh, no. Hit replay in your head, have a good chuckle and now, let's talk about your shoe storage situation.

 | Featured in  Domino Magazine ; photo credit:  Brittany Ambridge  |

| Featured in Domino Magazine; photo credit: Brittany Ambridge |

If you have the budget for a custom shoe closet like the one that Big built for Carrie, I'm pretty positive you are in shoe storage heaven right this very moment. For everyone else, there's loads of shoe storage for these things. I mean, how gorgeous is this dressing room design by Jeremiah Brent Design | Nate Berkus Associates? And, think about how cute your shoes would look all color-coded on shelves, just. like. this.


 | Image via  Pink Peonies  by  Heather Telford  |

| Image via Pink Peonies by Heather Telford |

One of our all time favorite shoe closet's belongs to Rachel Parcell. Rach is the pretty face (literally) behind her blog, Pink Peonies. In this case, I'll let the image do the talking about how her shoes and boots are organized. Maybe I'll do a post on her closet/workspace for those of you who haven't seen it, because it's just one of those you like, can't miss.

 | Photo credit:  Jochy Fersobe  |

| Photo credit: Jochy Fersobe |

Speaking of Sarah Jessica Parker, as you know her shoe line, SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker launched at Zappos Couture this month. In case you missed it, see the full story and video on what SJP wants you to do with your shoes on Who What Wear.

Whatever shoe org style you have the space for, or fits into your home decor, just promise to organize your shoes in a way that would make Sarah Jessica Parker proud. #likeaboss.

Oh, hey. Only two days until Valentine's Day. What are your plans and what are you wearing?