As you just might guess, organizing your trunk is pretty simple. Take everything out that doesn't belong there and keep a few things that do. Use a trunk organizer to keep things from rolling around and your done. In case you're wondering what keeps a trunk organizer in place, most are equipped with velcro on bottom to keep them in place.  Genius, right?

Trunk organizers are actually available in basic black, some great patterns, colors and many models include a removable cooler. I think we have the best of the best, so take a look on the store

Today's is the last day of our 31 days of #organizedisthenewblack. I hope you stuck with us along the way, got a little more organized and had fun in our giveaway.  Clean up your car and trunk, enter to win a Picnic at Ascot Trunk Organizer and have a Saturday.

Cheers to all you accomplishments this month!