We'll be honest, we are complete romantic fools and total saps for February. You might say it's our favorite month of the year, besides March for the first day of spring, June as summer begins, July for Allie's birthday, October for Deb's, November for Thanksgiving and December for the holidays. Never mind, let me rephrase that. We love them all.

We seriously do love February for all the #hearts, #pink, #red, #sparkle, #cards, #flowers, #chocolates, #engagements, #creativity, and most of all #LOVE that it brings for Valentine's Day. And, as we all know...All You Need is Love. Oh, and jewelry, shoes, makeup and accessories, which we're going to help you get organized this month.

We're also super excited about the new swoonworthy brands and products we're adding to The Organizing Store this month. You'll have to stay tuned, but I promise you will love them. #nospoileralerthere