Did you know most women spend 15 minutes a day tracking down there keys? Stop it. Our favorite girls at @neatmethod say: "Designate one place for keys + sunglasses and drop them there as you walk in the door." If a tray doesn't work for you, use a wall mounted rack or hook.

Here's a tip from me: As I walk in from the garage I hang my keys on the hook. When I'm on the go, I keep my keys in the inner pocket of my handbag so I'm never digging or searching for them. As for my sunglasses, they go straight into their case when I take them off. Not only does this keep me from losing them, but they don't get scratched. This might all sound a little OCD, but it's really not. These tips are actually habits that I don't even think about anymore. Try it!

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Happy Sunday, all! Hope your doing something fun. Tomorrow...back to reality! i