Meet one of my newest organizing friends Wendy, of Pretty Well Organized. We "insta-met" a few months ago and just clicked. Wendy and I both like pretty things and when you see her kate spade new york picks below, you'll totally understand.

As a wife, mom to adorable 3-year old Olivia and almost 4-month old, Will, full-time auditor and organizational junkie, Wendy is a b-u-s-y #girlboss who writes and shares about juggling it all. I caught up with Wendy to see how she keeps it together and here's what she had to say...

Do you ever sit down to get things done, only to feel like you need to pick up your desk or study space before you can really dig in and begin? You are not alone! Lately I have been moving piles of paper around my desk in hopes of finally getting things organized, but enough is enough! Today I’m sharing 5 easy tips to make being productive easier.

 Product Spotlight:  Halifax White 5-Drawer Cabinet   - $86.99

Product Spotlight: Halifax White 5-Drawer Cabinet  - $86.99

1. CLEAR CLUTTER: It’s hard to get started when you have too many things in front of you. Start by removing clutter from your workspace. This will limit distractions from the start. I like using drawers to tuck items away. Out of sight, out  of mind.

 Product Spotlight:  Russell + Hazel Acrylic File Box  $50

Product Spotlight: Russell + Hazel Acrylic File Box $50

2. FILE  PAPERS: My desk somehow always becomes a dump zone for paper…and there’s nothing more distracting to me than a pile of papers. Take a few minutes to file them away properly. I love this file box from Russell + Hazel because the sleek design easily goes with any space and is portable enough to carry to other rooms in your home as needed {I know I’m not the only one who pays bills at the kitchen counter!}.

3. MAKE A GAME PLAN: We are all “busy”. When we have time to get things done, we have to focus or suddenly we’ve spent 5 hours on Pinterest and haven’t crossed a single item off our ever growing to do list {We’ve all done it, be honest!}. To get the most out of the time we have, create a game plan before getting started. Start by writing out what you need to accomplish during the time you have and keep the list visible while you work. That way if you become distracted, your goals are sitting right beside you to get you back on track.

 Product Spotlight:  Kate Space Whistle While You Work Tackle Box  - $38.99

4. SELECT THE RIGHT TOOLS: Take a look at your game plan and determine what you need to have handy to get started. Pull out only what you need to accomplish your list first, so you aren’t stopping to look for what you need along the way.

5. FOCUS: Clear your mind. If you have a hard time focusing, try journaling or making a list of the items on your mind before getting started. I try to write everything out as quickly as I can, then close the notebook and get right to my to do list before any other ideas pop into my head.

                                        Pretty Planners:  Pretty Well Organized Planners & Notepads

                                       Pretty Planners: Pretty Well Organized Planners & Notepads

What helps you stay productive? We would love to hear!

- Wendy

Thanks for joining us today, Wendy. You're definitely a Live Beautifully girl!

About Wendy Batchelder: Wendy thrives on creating pretty and organized spaces. She's one of those work hard + be nice kind of people, who firmly believes home should be a place of peace and calm. Check out the story behind Wendy's absolutely beautiful site and blog, Pretty Well Organized, her journey, triumphs (WOW on baby weight loss), and how to stop surviving and start enjoying your days. Follow Wendy on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.