I'm pretty sure that cute office storage and accessories are here to stay and we're loving every minute of it. As you re-organize your office space, add elements that reflect your personality and style. Think of dressing your office like dressing yourself. You should be inspired by the trends and your mood or season while pulling in colors and textures that make the space all about you. Mix bright colored boxes with woven baskets and textured DIY wall + memo boards. Keep accessories such as ribbons and washi tapes in a pretty bin or basket, and accent your desk with a beautiful tray or acrylic desk organizer. Now, for the finale. Add fun, colorful storage boxes to store odds and ends, papers and accessories. Our kate spade new york storage boxes will do it for you, we promise.

We love the idea of creating a reading space for those times when you just need a break from your desk. It can be something as simple as wall shelves with everyone's favorite reads, two chairs and a small table. Add a tray, fresh flowers and you'll have yourself a space to unwind, read a magazine or get a second wind for the afternoon.

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Have a very great weekend!