Were your desk drawers a little neglected over the holidays? If things were crammed into them that shouldn't be living in them and things are getting out of hand, it's time to take a tip from the experts at NEAT Method.

Today's NEAT Tip: "Think of your drawers as a hierarchy of importance. Keep the tools that are essential to daily tasks in the top drawer and work your way down." Doesn't it all seem to make sense now?

Love the look? The Edison Drawer Collection from Design Ideas is a little (actually, a lot!) more than your basic drawer organization system. It's made of punched metal, is super strong, super stylish and modular so you can customize a drawer. They're also perfect for the kitchen.

Enter to win a set of your own on day 24 of #organizedisthenewblack: http://bit.ly/1AbcdEI, and check out the store for 30+ more ideas to get your office drawers organized.

Hope your Saturday is great. Yoga pants, Netflix, comfort food and catching up on some work this weekend for me.