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When it comes to organizing the pantry, Vicki Winterton is an expert on the subject. While we prepped for  31-days of #organizedisthenewblack last year, I knew right away that she would be our go-to when it came to the pantry. Vicki is a professional organizer and the of founder of Utah based Organizing Mind over Matter. In addition to being a professional organizer, Vicki is a wife, mom, grandma, teacher, leader, speaker, author and a lady with a great big heart. Someday, we may share the story on how we became friends and pen pals, but for now...enjoy!


Hello Deborah Loves readers!

My name is Vicki Winterton and I'm a professional organizer with loads of training and nearly a decade's experience organizing homes throughout the western United States. I'm excited to share my 3 STEPS to an organized pantry. Read on!

PANTRY PROBLEMS:  An organized pantry would be easy to maintain if all the foods we stored there came in the same size, shape and container type, but that's not the case. Besides that, items stored in the pantry are rotated in and out numerous times a day, most especially by larger or busy families. These two things can and do cause clutter in the pantry.

 Shown here: Organizing multiple food containers, shapes and sizes. Get the look:  plastic storage bins ,  lazy susan ,  undershelf basket .

Shown here: Organizing multiple food containers, shapes and sizes. Get the look: plastic storage bins, lazy susan, undershelf basket.

PANTRY SOLUTIONS:                                                                                                                                                  1. PURGE: Rid the pantry of food items you don't use, as well as any food item that has expired. Remove and relocate items that belong in other areas of your home.

2. CATEGORIZE: Pull each item out of your pantry and sort it into broad categories. Storing items by category will reduce meal prep time and keep food organized. For a more uniform look, contain each of your various food categories in like containers.

3. ORGANIZE: Designate a storage place within the pantry for each category type. Be sure your most often used food items are housed in easy-to-reach locations. I like to call this your "beachfront property".

Get the look: Design Ideas silver mesh CD and DVD organizers double in the pantry as the perfect handled storage bin. Multiple large sized silver mesh baskets are also available on The Organizing Store.

Organizing your pantry allows you to see what food you have on hand (very important when watching your favorite TV show!), it helps you to know what foods you need to restock and where to store the groceries as you unpack. YOU Can Do This!

Happy Organizing!

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