Allie and I returned from market last week where lights were shining on copper. While it was on the curve last year, you'll see it sparkle throughout the home, housewares and now in storage in 2015. The pantry will be no exception.

As copper hits housewares, we're introducing Copper Wire Baskets from Spectrum Diversified on the store. They're a great storage solution for any room or area of the house, but the scoop front makes these just perfect for the pantry storage. You can find a variety of colors and sizes at The Organizing Store. They're as sturdy as a locker basket and we like to organize some our staple pantry items and cans in them. FYI: "Staple" is code for just about anything Contadina for allie + deb.

Today's NEAT Method Tip: "Check expiration dates in the pantry before you get started organizing. You're guaranteed to find items that are no longer edible". Also remember to wipe the inside rim of cans before opening. You'll want to remove any dust from sitting on grocery store shelves or even at home before opening with a can opener.

Enter to win your very own set of Spectrum baskets in Day 19 #organizedisthenewblack giveaway here:

Good Luck and good Monday!