Come have a junk drawer. It's okay, we do, too! And, I mean really - who doesn't. Fact: Most junk drawers start out neat and with a purpose. They typically end up with in a hot mess when you're in a hurry. You meant to put that ribbon you used to wrap a gift away, to sort the mail and who knows where all those pens and pencils came from. In a hurry or not, before you know it there's stuff in there since the stone ages and now you have a bigger project on your hands that will take up time you don't have. Well, now's the time and and here's the skinny.

What is your vision? First, ask yourself if the drawer is in the right space of your kitchen. If it's by the phone rather than by where you sort the mail, you might be less likely to keep unsorted mail in it. Scissors, tape, a few pens and pencils, stapler, measuring tape and a to do list pad should do it. Next, choose a Junk Drawer Organizer that best fits your space and go! Expandable trays or modular systems will give you the most from your space and everything should be contained.

And now, enter to win a Lipper Bamboo Junk Drawer Organizer in our #organizedisthenewblack giveaway, follow the NEAT Method tip and keep things simple.