The trick to organizing kitchen drawers it to designate drawers by item type and to keep items contained. We like to set up drawers for flatware, kitchen tools, cutlery, spices, utility wraps and what we call the mini-office drawer (AKA the junk drawer). The next step is pairing things down and the NEAT Method tip for today couldn't be more spot on. This is also where our mantra "keep less, organize more" comes in.

There are all types of drawer storage solutions that do the job well, so it really boils down to personal preference. Bamboo, wire mesh and better plastics are popular and we have a number of choices on The Organizing Store.  We like the Decor Drawer System from KMN Home for more of a custom fit.  What we love about Drawer Decor? There's a non-slip silicone base mat that can be cut to any size, Divitz™ dividers that stick to the mat AND the system can hold everything from a potato peeler to a can opener, while keeping it all in place. Nothing slides around when drawers open and close, it's easy to clean and available in a number of colors. It's the ultimate DIY solution in custom drawer organization.

Want to win a set of KMN Home Drawer Decor of your very own? Enter today in our #organizedisthenewblackgiveaway and keep in mind, drawer organizing doesn't happen overnight. There's a trial and error process that takes place before you're perfectly satisfied. Start with a drawer or two and don't give up!