Are the toys everywhere? There are solutions for those critters, but first - teach your kids early on the importance of organizing, putting things where they belong or away before the next toy can come out to play and most of all, about pitching in.

When it comes to organizing, "don't over categorize", say the NEAT girls. For example, create a bin for dolls rather than Barbies, American Girl and Cabbage Patch Kids. Be creative with toy storage that fits your decor  and looks like fun. Create a mini-library or book corner of their very own, use cute and colorful buckets for crayons and art supplies, go with a theme (hello, Lego and Frozen!), use colorful costumes for wall art and add a dress up area with storage to keep things NEAT. We have all sorts of kids bookcases and cute toy storage on The Organizing Store and there's more to come.

While we're talking cute, how adorable + fun is our 3 Sprouts Raccoon Storage Bin? Hooray, hooray because you can win one in today's #organizedisthenewblack giveaway: Just remember to tell the kids to feed the raccoon.