Is your linen closet in good shape or a hot mess? It's okay. Organizing the linen closet can be a bear, but don't throw in the towel. Our girls at NEAT Method (Professional Organizers extraordinaire!) organize sheet sets together by folding and storing them in the pillow case from the sheet set. Good..right?

To keep towels organized, adopt a "good fold" that stacks easily using shelf dividers or over and under shelf storage, roll them to store in woven baskets or wire baskets, or stack them in storage baskets, to keep them contained. Keep like items together, such as washcloths, hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets and just as we suggest in your closet, organize by color for a clean and NEAT look.

Today we're giving away a set of Over/Under Shelf Organizers from Neatnix in our #organizedisthenewblack giveaway. They're perfect for organizing the linen closet, but also work in the closet for stacking sweaters and especially, tee's. Enter to win here:

Get a fresh look in your linen closet that works for you and keep in mind that cabinets, armoire's and vintage chests are always a good idea to store linens, towels, extra pillows and blankets.