"File your ties in drawers instead of hanging them on top of each other. You can see them more easily and avoid overbuying", say the NEAT Method girls. And, oh look. You can win a set of Woodlore Cedar Storage Boxes in our #organizedisthenewblack 31-day giveaway. FYI: The Cedar tie box included has also been known to organize undies and bra's.

Let's face it, while women love neat boxes lined up in drawers, some men just need a good tie rack. I dug a little deeper on the subject, looking to The Style Guy, Glenn O'Brien of GQ. His advice? "Men need tie racks. They are the best way to store ties, period. Hanging your cravats helps keep them unwrinkled".  And, there you have it.

My advice: Whatever works.  From cedar tays + boxes, divided covered boxes to hanging or wall mounted tie racks, here's 12+ tie storage ideas that might work for you.