BIG...HUGE thanks to Jenny Hutt for a great interview today on her Sirius XM Show, Just Jenny. It was so much fun to talk with her about The Organizing Store and how to get beautifully organized, especially because she LOVES our store and products!

About Jenny: She's a Mom, Wife, Lawyer, Internet & TV Personality and Host, Author and Treadmill Enthusiast (love it -right?).  With "all that", I loved that she's pretty organized, appreciates our approach to "living beautifully" and has real "closet issues" like the rest of us. Jenny Hutt = our kinda girl.

If you don't already listen to Jenny's radio show or follow this powerhouse, never-stop, can juggle it all superwoman, you should!! She's funny, off the cuff entertaining and at the pulse of the latest hot topics with mounds of passion and kindness behind it. You can also find Jenny on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks for having me, Jen. Look forward to catching up with you in NY or LA. And just for you...we have some NEAT "how to" tips coming up!