Have you heard? We have HUGE confetti toss, jump up and down, bring out the band and pop the Prosecco NEWS! We've partnered with our new BFF's, partners in crime (and organizing!) and super dear friends, Neat METHOD! We couldn't be more excited to is our official launch day and we can hardly contain ourselves.

In honor of this day, the NEAT Method GIRLS posted a really, really cute Allie + me interview they did with us on their blog today. And, as only the NEAT girls could, they captured our crazy (but organized!) lives, the story of us working together as a mother-daughter team and put us in the spotlight. BIG thanks to the NEAT girls on a job so well done. We're absolutely blushing! Check out The Neat Life blog for THE story.

Allie's Birthday Surprise.jpg


You'll have to wait 'til next week when we reveal all the details of what NEAT + TOS are up to, but in the meantime, meet our NEW friends ASHLEY MURPHY and MOLLY GRAVES, the founders of Neat METHOD. These are two of the cutest and sweetest girls you ever will meet and we share the same "what can we dream of next" attitude, which makes this all just so much more fun. We're completely enamored with these business-savvy NEAT girls, their style of organizing, adorableness and their escapades!

Molly and Ashley obviously love to organize and are a little...or maybe we should say a lot type-A. This perfect storm created The Neat Life. They've seen it all, heard it all, organized it all, and are always obsessed with the outcome of their work. Even if a clutter free space doesn't tickle your fancy as much as theirs, they guarantee you will be entertained by their antics and will enjoy following the lives of a couple NEAT freaks. We sure do! You're gonna love the upcoming story about how Ashley and Molly started Neat METHOD as much as we did. Coming soon!

Why a partnership, you ask? As fate would have it, we think we've met our match with two girls that revel in folding, filing and color coding as much as we do. And to add to it, they spend their days helping others live NEAT, too. Aren't we the perfect combo?

So, stay tuned as our excitement continues and we reveal the details of our partnership and how the Neat Life and Living beautifully come together!


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