{via russell + hazel}

{via russell + hazel}

Oh you know...just thinking about what to write in my planner and deciding which one to buy. russell + hazel style, of course.

There are new agendas galore on the market and with so many being released for August 2014 - December 2015, there's one for every personality. Take a look at some of my favorite agendas this season. We had a great time choosing our assortment and there's still more to come.

I'll admit I have my own little obsession going on with agendas right now. Maybe it's because they suddenly got to be so fun and beautiful. I love the designs and as a buyer, it's fun to see the how creative the designers have gotten with the inside pages. Inspiration with cute and clever notes fill the pages.

Everyone needs a place to keep a to-do list, take note of events or write down assignments and while you can find an app for everything, like the old school charm of snail mail making it's way back up on the charts, being organized just got cool. So...pick up an agenda and start planning those sunny days ahead. After all, there's still a lot of summer left and life is so much more fun when you're organized.

Oh...those super cute inside pages i mentioned? See these from our agendas. If you're headed back to campus or know someone who is, these agendas were made just for you. Love, love the graphics and...those stickers.  How cute are the girls?