And So It Begins...

Welcome to the Organizing Store!

After months of sheer hard work, long hours, climbing every mountain with a never-say-no kind of determination and bursting with entrepreneurial energy, I designed and launched a new retail website. Every small detail in the design and framework was a major decision, every font and color were deliberated, while every brand and product were carefully selected. And, officially on November 11, 2013, The Organizing Store was born.

The Organizing Store is a boutique style shop for the modern sophisticate and our vehicle to bringing beautiful things to your life and home, while our blog is designed to collaborate everything we find inspirational to one place and deliver it to your inbox. We have a love for parties, celebrations, fashion and style, setting a beautiful table, gorgeous workspaces, sharing closets we envy, an obsession for pretty things and a passion for neat spaces. Roll all those things into one and we think you'll agree we focus on organizing from a different perspective.  We're here to help you plan and prepare for life's greatest adventures and living beautifully.

So YAY! I launched a new store and comes my blog. I've been playing my inaugural post over and over in my head for months and while today is all about excitement, celebration and popping the Prosecco, it's really about saying...thank you. To our friends and families, to our supporters and community: thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without you, I wouldn't have this amazing opportunity to be doing what I love every single day.

Today, I get to celebrate that I am a woman with confidence, who is filled with desire, dreams, and ideas. I am an entrepreneur who is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and I want to inspire you to do the same. I hope you'll raise a glass with us, smile when you visit and find just the right things that make a girl feel beautiful...inside and out.

My name is Deborah, and welcome to the things I love.

The Organizing Store - Your Shop & Guide to Living Beautifully.

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