Take my word for it, no matter how big or small your space is, you can organize your kitchen and pantry to look just like the ones you fell in love with on Pinterest that had 4007 pins. It just takes the right tools, some inspiration, a plan and determination. So....get inspired and maybe take Edison into the kitchen with you.

HAVE A PLAN; WORK BY ZONE : : Organizing is really no different than decorating. Choose a color scheme, decide what you need for each area of your kitchen or pantry and make a list before you shop. You'll be happier with the results and you won't over buy. Nothing needs to match perfectly, but it does need to work together. Like colors of containers and baskets will give you a cohesive look that brings a sense of calm to your about-to-be happy space. Work by area of your kitchen, from countertops, cabinets, drawers, the pantry or the areas that need attention.

Countertops : : Keep them simple. Only those items you use everyday should be on your counters. Sorry, but that doesn't include your purse, keys and the mail. Add a few pieces that work with your decor and that's it. Our kate spade new york Castle Peak canisters are hands down my favorite canisters right now. They're made of stoneware, topped with a black lid and are simply chic.

UPPER CABINETS : : Note how our Locking Shelf/add-a-shelf slips on top of the shelf to add extra storage space and great for pantry shelves. Corner shelves double your space and help to organize dinner plates, cups and bowls.


  • DRAWER ORGANIZATION : : Whether your organizing flatware or your junk drawer, you can't go wrong with expandable drawer organizers. I prefer bamboo, since it's easy to clean and long lasting. There's 30+ drawer organizing solutions to chose from on the store.

CABINET + PANTRY : : I LOVE jars. So simple, yet make such an impact. Line shelves and cabinets with jars that work for your kitchen. They keep cereal, crackers and snacks fresh and easy to see. Check out our cabinet organizers. There is literally over 100+ solutions to choose from.


Our 2-drawer organizer from Design Ideas has been a customer favorite for just about ever. It can be used in upper cabinets, lower cabinets, under the sink and for so many uses. Hmmm...this just might a great contest idea to see how creative you all can be.

OVER THE DOOR SOLUTIONS : : Remember to go vertical and utilize walls and doors. Most especially in small spaces, you can get a lot of extra storage mileage out of these two areas. This over the door organizer includes baskets and is a pretty clean look.

 { found on Pinterest, via  Ariane Coronel  }

{ found on Pinterest, via Ariane Coronel }

LOWER CABINETS : : I cannot say enough about pull-out drawers. I have them in almost every lower cabinet in my own kitchen to store and organize food storage containers, pots, pans, lids and small appliances. They're available as single and two-tier slide out slide-out organizers, as shown here.

AND...last, but not least - The NEAT Method Tip of the Week : :

There are two fool proof ways to make your kitchen or pantry NEAT. If you want perfection, clear jars for your snacks make everything look more delicious. If you want a solution with less upkeep, we suggest separating foods into categories and then baskets, such as "sweet treats" "salty snacks" and "just for kids". They look great and labels bring the look together.

BTW: This snap is from the recent kitchen make-over of NEAT Method founder, Ashley. Her pantry is set up perfectly for a young, growing and busy family. Yah...TOS + NEAT have a thing for wire baskets, twine and labels. But, see how great they look!